Exercises for low back pain

The benefits of exercise aren’t just limited to improving our cardio ability, it is also used to help recover from injuries. One of the most common injuries is lower back pain. In fact 80% of people experience lower back pain at least once in their life. With such a prevalent
condition it is important that it can be treated effectively.

Not all back pain is the same and they can vary in severity however the majority of cases can be solved with exercise. The latest research into exercise has shown there isn’t one particular type that can cure lower back pain. So are there specific exercises that can help lower back pain? Reality is, almost any form of exercise is beneficial for the lower back. More often than not it’s not the exercise to blame but whether you as the individual are capable enough to handle it.

For example, completing a deep squat might be too sore on the back. So instead of stopping your training and not squatting you can vary the movement to a high box squat or a lunge. This way your body is still benefiting from the exercise without exacerbating the pain.

The answer to lower back pain is to find movements your body doesn’t find painful and completing them at an acceptable intensity. Maybe substituting your usual run for a bike ride or instead of doing deadlifts at the gym you can do the row machine. There are many
alternatives but one thing for sure is, don’t completely neglect exercising whilst you are in pain!

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