Home exercise routine for shoulder subacromial pain.

Shoulder exercises

Exercise rehabilitation is recommended as the first line of intervention for management and rehabilitation of subacromial shoulder pain / impingement. Exercise rehabilitation can include strengthening to stretching to motor control exercises. The exact exercise regime for subacromial shoulder pain is unclear however here are some recommendations that you can try at home.

The home exercises program for subacromial shoulder pain can include the following:
1. Scaption range of motion – keeping your arm straight, gently lift your arm up at around 45 deg angle to full range of motion that is available. Keep your neck relaxed throughout the motion.

2. Shoulder shrugs – Gently lift your shoulder blades up towards your ears and lower down slowly. Focus on contracting the muscles and relaxing the muscles all the way down.

3. 3 strengthening exercises:
– External rotation in neutral – Use a resistant band, tied to a stable place, keep your elbow tucked in and rotate shoulder out (feel the activation in the back of the shoulder / blade.
– 90 degrees external rotation – Use a resistant band, tied to a stable place, Lift your elbow to side, level with the shoulder. Rotate the hand up (feel in back of the shoulder)
– Serratus anterior strengthening – (Working on the forward and backward motion of the shoulder blade) Keeping your arms straight – you can do this in a push up position or against a wall. Bring your shoulder blades forward to round the mid back and then retract to squeeze the shoulder blades.

4. Pec stretch – Use the door frame, bring your elbow up level with your shoulders and stretch the front of the pec.
Posterior shoulder stretch – Bring your arm across the body and stretch the back of the shoulder.

Exercise programs have shown both clinical and statistically significant in improvement from shoulder subacromial pain. The type of exercises and the intensity/duration can be variable depending on the individual’s tolerance, but doing exercise is better than doing NOTHING!

If you are suffering with shoulder pain, book in a consultation with one of our specialist today.

TPC Team

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