Winning with Warm-Ups: How FIFA 11+ Boosts Soccer Teams Win/Loss Performance

The FIFA 11+ is a power-packed warm-up program designed to slash injury risks in soccer players. But could it also be the secret ingredient for winning games? Let’s dive into a study that uncovered intriguing connections between using 11+ and scoring more victories in men’s college soccer.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Performance Matters: Teams following the 11+ regimen scored more wins and suffered fewer losses, showcasing the direct link between program use and improved game records.
  2. Compliance is Key: Teams that adhered to the 11+ at least twice a week reaped even more substantial benefits in their win/loss ratios.
  3. Performance Over Prevention: While injury prevention is a given, showing that 11+ enhances performance might be a game-changer for coaches and athletes. It highlights the relationship between keeping players healthy and uninjured and winning performance.

The FIFA 11+ warm up program is known to reduce injuries in soccer players. Despite its effectiveness, many teams don’t fully embrace or stick to it. Highlighting the performance benefits over injury prevention might be the game plan.

What It Means for Physio’s, Coaches and Athletes: Adopting an injury prevention program like the FIFA 11+ could now offer a two-for-one deal—less injuries and more wins. Coaches and athletes might find better performance a compelling reason to commit to such programs.

Pre-season is upon us for next year and we advise our sponsored teams to adopt the program to reduce injuries and improve performance. To get our clinicians to assess and implement the program, please contact our friendly staff today.


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