Clinical exercise classes and programs

Gym based strength and conditioning class

Designed and led by Physiotherapists, our Strength & Conditioning Class is a demanding session of up to 5 people that focusses on functional strength with the guidance of your physiotherapist.

This strength and conditioning class is a full body workout with exercises specifically selected to improve upper and lower body strength, mobility, cardio-vascular fitness and improve core stability.

The physiotherapist provides biomechanical feedback and hands on cues to make sure you are performing the exercise correctly and efficiently. The aim is to increase awareness, education and improve movement patterns in the gym, sport and general wellbeing. The class is taught by Physiotherapists so if you have Private Health Insurance a rebate is available.

Class length: 50 minutes.

Please call us or book a Physiotherapy Assessment with one of our Physiotherapists who will advise you if this class is suitable for you.