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Frozen shoulder: How to live with the restriction

Adhesive Capsulitis commonly known as ‘Frozen shoulder’ is a debilitating condition that most commonly effects individuals aged from 40-65. It is usually a painful condition associated with loss of shoulder range of motion (ROM). This

Navigating Low Back Pain: Understanding the Journey to Recovery

Low back pain (LBP) affects millions worldwide, shaping treatment approaches and outcomes. A recent systematic review sheds light on the clinical course of LBP, offering insights crucial for effective management. Key Takeaways: Understanding the Study:
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Ankle Recovery with Ankle-GO: A Proven Path to Return to Sport

Lateral ankle sprains (LAS) are common in sports, often leading to lingering long-term issues, such as chronic ankle instability. The Re-injury rates can be as high as 70% in high-risk athletes and sports. The Ankle-GO
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Unlocking the Power of Trust, Motivation, and Confidence in Treating Chronic Low Back Pain

Chronic low back pain (LBP) is challenging in the realm of physiotherapy. Despite numerous exercise interventions, finding the perfect fit remains elusive. But what if the key lies beyond the exercises themselves? Key Takeaways: While
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Insight into Football Injury Patterns: A look into community athletes

Sport, especially Football is a global passion, and it extends far beyond the professional stage, engaging participants of all ages and genders. However, the research can often neglect amateur and female players. Addressing this gap,

The Achillis Heel: Risk Factors in Runners with Achillis Tendon Pain

In a groundbreaking study the risk factors associated with Achilles tendon (AT) pain in runners were dissected, shedding light on key insights for preventing running injuries. Over a 1-year period, 103 participants were examined, revealing

Winning with Warm-Ups: How FIFA 11+ Boosts Soccer Teams Win/Loss Performance

The FIFA 11+ is a power-packed warm-up program designed to slash injury risks in soccer players. But could it also be the secret ingredient for winning games? Let’s dive into a study that uncovered intriguing

Understanding Neck Pain in Tension-Type Headaches

For many of us, dealing with headaches is like a recurring storyline. Did you know that neck pain might be a key player in tension-type headaches (TTH)? Let’s discuss by diving into the latest insights

Battle of the Exercises: Quadriceps vs. Hip for Patellofemoral (anterior knee) Pain

Knee pain, specifically in the front region, known as patellofemoral pain, can have a significant effect on quality of life. The good news is that exercise therapy has proven to be a game-changer for this
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Mystery of Chronic Ankle Instability: Stiff ankles or too much movement? What Your Ankles Might Be Telling You.

Ever felt pain, instability, or recurrent injuries in your ankles? That might be chronic ankle instability (CAI), a condition influenced by various factors like mechanics, sensory-motor issues, and even psychological aspects. Previous research hinted at
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Cracking the Mystery of Creaky knees (Crepitus): What You Need to Know

You might have heard those odd noises your knees make when you move them—grating, cracking, or popping sounds. This is what we call crepitus. For many people, crepitus is linked to the idea that their
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Choosing the Right Exercises for Chronic Low Back Pain

You’ve probably heard about the trouble that chronic low back pain causes – both in terms of cost and its impact on people’s lives. One way to tackle back pain is through exercise. It’s been

Rehabilitation and Return to Play for Shoulder Injuries in Athletes

Shoulder injuries are prevalent in sports, particularly among young male athletes, and they present a significant challenge in returning to previous levels of performance. Research by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) reveals that up
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Revolutionizing Chronic Pain Treatment with Cognitive Functional Therapy (CFT) as part of our usual care.

Chronic lower back pain is a widespread issue, causing a lot of suffering, missed workdays, and a significant financial burden on healthcare systems around the world. In 2021, The Lancet released a series of articles

Tennis Elbow Rehab with blood flow restriction (BFR) Training

Resistance training is often recommended for lateral elbow tendinopathy (Tennis Elbow), a condition that causes pain and reduces grip strength. While exercise is a common treatment, traditional resistance training hasn’t proven highly effective. This recent