Resistance training is often recommended for lateral elbow tendinopathy (Tennis Elbow), a condition that causes pain and reduces grip strength. While exercise is a common treatment, traditional resistance training hasn’t proven highly effective. This recent study by Karanasios S et al. explored a different approach called low-load resistance training with blood flow restriction (BFR).

Over six weeks, patients engaged in supervised exercises and received a home exercise program, soft tissue massage, and advice. The BFR group performed exercises with 40-50% arterial occlusion pressure. Patients did these supervised exercises twice a week for six weeks.

The exercises performed in the study for tennis elbow included:

  1. Elbow flexion
  2. Elbow extension
  3. Wrist flexion
  4. Wrist extension
  5. Wrist supination
  6. Wrist pronation

These exercises were conducted using a dumbbell weighing 20% of the patient’s one-repetition maximum (1RM). Additionally, the groups incorporated stretches after the resistance exercises.

Results showed that the BFR group had better outcomes in terms of pain intensity at 12 weeks, pain-free grip strength at 6 weeks, and PRTEE at 6 and 12 weeks.

In conclusion, BFR resistance training may offer some benefits for tennis elbow. While exercise remains a recommended treatment for tennis elbow, there is no clear evidence that one type of exercise is superior to others. BFR training could be considered for suitable tennis elbow patients.

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