A New Beginning

As all of you knew I was eagerly waiting for the arrival of my first child. During our consultations with many of you we all guessed and punted on the sex of the child based on the shape of my wife’s belly, the moon, my wifes symptoms, the health of her hair and skin
and ultimately got so confused that we weren’t sure what indicated what. All we knew it was 50/50 and that I was nervous, anxious and excited about the changes this will bring to our life.

Firstly, for all the advise and guidance from my patients and staff, I am sincerely grateful as most were correct regarding the changes this child will bring. As some of you may know, we had a beautiful little girl, Aarya Sran (pronounced Aria). She is a bundle of joy and has brought immense joy and happiness which I have never experienced before in my life. It is truly magical and remarkable being a parent and a father to this beautiful girl.

My lifestyle has been very active and frantic with keeping fit, working and managing the business and I was anxious as to how her arrival would change all that. It has been difficult however, you just become more efficient with time. Prior to the arrival of Aarya, I felt I
wasted so much time with unimportant things and now, I find I can prioritise tasks throughout the day and still be able to train, work, do household chores and spend time with Aarya and my wife. Although most of the time working and training, I am thinking about Aarya! So the take home message from this blog would be that we have so much time throughout the day to make sure we are working towards what is important to you. Whether it is training, working, spending time with family and friends, prioritise each task and you will realise you will always have time to perform that task. We seem to make many excuses, as did I, but now as it seems I have no time, I actually have time.

So keep active, train hard and spend time with loved ones!

Thank you for your support and well wishes and I will see you soon.

Amar sran

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