How You can be an Olympian

Exercise is probably one of the most widely researched topics from training elite athletes to helping post trauma patients walk again. With the Olympics all wrapped up, most of us watched in awe as athletes from around the world showcased their skills in various sports. Whilst us Melbournians were cooped up at home in COVID it was fascinating to see so many
different events requiring different physical outputs. What I drew from the Olympics is that the human body is capable of so much. Yes these athletes probably dedicated their lives to this event but that’s just a testament to what we can achieve. I was particularly fascinated by the gymnasts and all the bending and twisting these athletes were able to manage. I know for a fact if I tried the Roman rings I’d fall face first back on the mat!

Although the Olympics are about the best competing in events, what I took from it was inspiration to continue training in these circumstances. I for one have often lacked motivation to workout especially when another lockdown is placed. However, watching the Olympics reminded me that exercise comes in many shapes and forms. So if you’re sitting at home and don’t feel like utilising the 2 hours of outdoor exercise try incorporating exercise into your day. Maybe try sitting and standing for a few minutes during a break or walk the long way to the kitchen!

Exercise doesn’t need to be fancy or cool but it needs to be done. So anytime you feel down or not feeling motivated remind yourself that you could be an Olympian too and go for that walk!

Stay focused, stay healthy and I’ll be seeing you soon.

Mayuran Manohararajan

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