Reinvent yourself in COVID

It seems as though we will not hear the end of them. I’m sure it has been a challenging time for us all, I personally have been finding it hard to focus, stay on top of my tasks, develop a routine and keep myself motivated. Although I have been extremely lucky to continue working, I have to say my work/life balance has been very bad. I feel like I am only working and when I come home, I sit and think about work! It definitely can get overwhelming because you have too many thoughts but no action… and then you feel guilty, the cycle continues!

HOWEVER, I have been here before (unmotivated and unorganised, not lockdowns before!) and I know the solution! It has always worked for me! The ingredients for this solution are: PEN & PAPER YES you read that correctly! Putting your thoughts all on paper feels so relieving, you literally move the clutter out of your brain and instantly feel calmer. I suppose you can use your phone/computer/tablet, but for me a good old pen and paper feel so much better. I use to-do lists for my weekly workouts, shopping, house work, clinic work and everything in between. Making lists ensures I always remember all my tasks and their due dates, especially since recently I have become forgetful. I’m probably too young to have memory problems, but when you’re overwhelmed with too many thoughts, you tend to forget things very easily. There’s something about writing a full list, completing those tasks and ticking them off one by one. That feeling gives you focus and motivation, at least for me it has. Why don’t you give it a try and see?

Stay tuned for my next post because I want to organise my exercise routine onto paper, and start exercising at home. Ever since the gyms have been opening and closing so frequently, I have lost all motivation, feeling weaker, lethargic and definitely feel those aches and pains creeping up on me. In the next post, I will take you through the frequency and types of exercises to follow to start feeling better both physically and mentally. Speak to you soon –
love, Anosha.

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